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"If you’ve invented something new, but you haven’t invented an effective way to sell it, you have a bad business - no matter how good the product."


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What Can You Achieve With 5th idea

Specialized for startups and early phase businesses, 5th idea is here to offer you something marketing agencies can’t; growth and expansion with minimized risk and minimal initial investments. How?

Our ROI-focused marketing campaigns will keep you profitable at all times, while our brand development skills will position you exactly where you want need to be in the market as well as in the minds of your customers. 

Moreover, with the help of our business development knowledge focused on startups, you will know exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve been also investing in specific knowledge which today makes 5th idea the expert for home and living industry. This gives us the opportunity to create innovative solutions for companies entering the market. 

How to start growing


Every growth process starts with a detailed market research and definition of product market fit status, followed by the brand and marketing system audits. Identifying those fundamental things will show you the starting point and expose all the growth potential you have. 01

Growth strategies

Before jumping into “hacking growth” you need a detailed, well planned, data-based strategies defining what to do, when to do it, how to do it along with what and how to measure in order to accomplish continuous growth. 02

Growth system

Inevitable step in growing your business is having a personalized growth system set up. That includes purpose-focused website, analytic tools, necessary social media pages, automated email system, customer relationship management software, etc.   03

Growth campaigns

4th step is where growth of your business becomes reality. By executing precisely targeted marketing campaigns, based on growth strategies using the customized growth system, you will see improvement of every key performance indicator and business objective defined in your strategy.04

Find out what you need to start growing

Brand audit

Are your past and current customers loyal to your brand and helping spread the word?

Marketing audit

Is your current marketing system good enough to attract new customers?

Get your growth strategies

Brand development strategy

Do you have a plan how to build brand loyalty, make your customers come back for more and turn them into brand ambassadors?

Digital Marketing Strategy

Do you know how your customer journey map looks like and where are the biggest opportunities to outperform competition?

Why 5th idea? Because you need someone who...



product development and how to use Lean methodology to find ideal product market fit.


in performance marketing and knows how to turn leads into paying customers.
3 always learning

new ways to improve customer retention through brand development.

Specialized for home and living industry

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